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  • The Science of Sin hits the shops in the UK on 12th July 2018
    The Science of Sin hits the shops in the UK on 12th July 2018

Jack Lewis (PhD) | Brain Scientist | Author | Broadcaster | Consultant | Motivational Speaker

  • Superstitions & Conspiracies

    It always comes as a shock to the system when I realise that a friend or family member has firmly-held beliefs about a superstition or conspiracy theory, despite the absence of any strong evidence to support it, so I thought I’d have a dig around in the scientific literature that has sought to explain these tendencies

  • Smartphone Overuse and the (Potential) Demise of Civility

    People who overuse their smartphones may gradually find themselves behaving in an increasingly anti-social manner compared to those who use them in moderation. It could even trigger a slide back into the incivility of previous ages

  • The Fast 800

    This book is a triumph in terms of providing just the right balance of practical advice, scientific reasoning and ultimately hope – that when armed with the right information, it is completely within all of our powers to shift excess body weight for good