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  • Neural Speech – Neural Nets Will Soon Be Able To Do All The Talking For You

    Once in a blue moon a neuroscience story will totally blow me away. A team of scientists just did it again by generating intelligible speech from a person’s brainwaves

  • Superstitions & Conspiracies

    It always comes as a shock to the system when I realise that a friend or family member has firmly-held beliefs about a superstition or conspiracy theory, despite the absence of any strong evidence to support it, so I thought I’d have a dig around in the scientific literature that has sought to explain these tendencies

  • Poverty of Empathy and Smartphone Overuse

    People who overuse their smartphones may gradually find themselves behaving in an increasingly anti-social manner compared to those who use them in moderation. It could even trigger a slide back into the incivility of previous ages