A Year of BrainTweets – Which is Your Favourite from 2012? by Dr Jack Lewis

There is an awful lot of great information out there on the internet. But, as we have all no doubt experienced, there is also a load of old rubbish to wade through before you find those nuggets of wisdom. When I comment on twitter, anything labelled with #neuroformed (short for neuroscience-informed) is, in my opinion, a grain of brain-related wheat – a news article, abstract, insight or quote – that I’ve chosen to give my seal of approval to, flagging it as interesting, relevant and worth a few moments of your attention.

Dr Jack Lewis’ Top 100 #BrainTweets – vote for your favourite

Some of you will already be using Twitter on a daily basis. Others may have heard of it but don’t really get what it’s all about. In this blog, Dr Jack explains why he thinks Twitter is worth bothering with, offers a retrospective on the pearls of brain news/trivia he has been offering every day for the last few months and asks you to choose which of his first 100 “BrainTweets” you found most interesting.