Norman Doidge’s “The Brain That Changes Itself” reviewed by Dr Jack

I’ve been devouring popular science books over the last year, with a view to writing a book of my own, and there is no doubt that THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Through a series of well-researched scientific breakthroughs explained via a variety of compelling real-life stories, it effortlessly convinces the reader that the human brain is a highly adaptable, “plastic” organ capable of dramatically rewiring itself, at any stage in life, to enable significant recovery from even catastrophic brain damage.

THE TECH SHOW on Discovery Science presented by Dr Jack

On Friday nights at 8pm starting in July 2011 Dr Jack Lewis presents “THE TECH SHOW” on the Discovery Science channel. In 26 half-hour episodes Jack takes viewers on a journey through some of the latest technological breakthroughs in engineering, science and biomedicine. We explore new developments in robotics, renewable energy and tornado physics. We encounter a wide variety of nutty inventors, hell-bent on creating the most bizarre water, land and air-borne vehicles the world has ever seen. We see how engineering can be guided by the latest biological research that gets to the bottom of how evolution has solved various problems by giving certain creatures amazing abilities. And we even discover what neuroscience can learn from the art of magic.