Brain Benefits of Beat City (Nintendo DS) by Dr Jack

At the end of the day even if Beat City doesn’t inspire the desire to play a proper musical instrument, enabling the full brain-benefits of musical engagement to be earned, I believe it is nonetheless an effective way of challenging and thus improve your capacity for working memory, concentration and fine motor control that will come in useful in everyday life as well.

Dr Jack offers a little more neuro-informed date training

Tonight at 8pm GMT (Wed 16th Nov 2011) I make my second appearance on MTV Europe offering a few more neuroscience-informed flirting tips to fashion journalist Louise Roe’s latest Plain Jane – Jamie.
This time the date training was not set in the Swiss Alps but instead, a little closer to home, in Spitalfields market. I challenged Jamie to supercharge her womanly allure by offering free hand massages to unsuspecting young men whilst making chit chat along themes that should get their brain in a state of high excitement.
Once again using an understanding of what goes on in the brain when a person is in love can inform some easy-to-follow rules of thumb that: boost a person’s confidence, release the just the right cocktail of neurotransmitters and neurohormones in the target’s brain and encourage fluid conversational exchanges on topics that rapidly foster a bond between any two humans, whether romantic or otherwise.