Fourth Anniversary of Dr Jack’s Brain Talks for Secondary Schools

“The talk was inspirational for staff and students alike. The students enjoyed your informal yet informative style. You made difficult concepts easy to grasp. They especially liked how you applied these high level ideas to their everyday lives and studying. You were witty andmost importantly not in the slightest bit patronising.”

New for 2012: Brain Coach Live for Schools Buddy Scheme

On Tues 7th February 2012 I will be giving a “Brain Coach Live” talk at London’s Dulwich College. This year sees the launch of a new Buy One Get One Free Buddy Scheme (“BOGOF Buddy Scheme”) that enables all schools to get Brain Coach Live in front of their pupils. This system simply allows any school who chooses to book a Brain Coach Live presentation at their school to elect another nearby school where the very same talk will be given for free. The concept is based on the idea that fee-paying schools, more likely to have funds for such extra-curricular activities, might cover costs both for themselves and a local state school as a gesture of good will.