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  • Gambling and the Adolescent Brain

    I recently presented a film for the charity GamCare, using VR to take someone on a tour of the brain regions involved in gambling. YouTuber and UK boxer Viddal popped in briefly for a quick interview about the impact of gambling on adolescent brains

  • Body Scan Meditation

    During some talks I gave recently for the Thrive Approach I promised I’d make the Body Scan script I’ve been working with available in this month’s blog, so here it is

  • Booze, Weed and the Human Brain

    A recently published study has revealed fascinating insights into differences in the impact of recreational alcohol and cannabis use on human brain structure

  • Thou Shalt Adapt (To The “New Normal”)

    The good news is that the human brain has an incredible capacity to adapt to new circumstances, so whatever happens, it's important to stay calm, adopt new habits to encourage your brain adapt to the changes and then try to stay positive

  • Dr Jack Lewis – Motivational Speaking Update

    When it comes to motivational speaking, no matter what an organisation's priorities are, the neuroscience literature always yields some useful inspiration

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