• Dr Jack’s Presenter Showreel (Click The Image)

    Showreel 2010

    A short film describing neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis’s first 3 years in television. As well as science consultancy for the Emmy award winning documentary “The Living Body” on National Geographic / Channel 4 and primetime quiz show Britain’s Best Brain on Channel 5, Jack has presented several TV series. His most recent roles do not feature in this showreel, but are described briefly in italics below. This showreel features highlights from Dr Jack’s broadcast output up to and including 2010:

    • Dr Jack co-presented a prime-time SkyOne series called Body Language Secrets (aired 2010-2011) exploring the themes of selling, attraction, winning, laughter, power, lying and money.
    • Jack’s first big break as a presenter came with People Watchers (aired 2008), a BBC2 series exploring the quirks of social psychology via a wide variety of different hidden camera experiments set throughout London.
    • In his role as the Face of Faraday 2008 Dr Jack presented 4 short films which aired on Teacher’s TV and were centred around the theme Technology for Life. These films were specifically created to be played during science lessons across the whole United Kingdom in an effort to encourage 12-16 year old pupils to pursue careers in STEM subjects (i.e. science, technology, engineering and maths.)
    • Jack hanging out with David Ginola and scenes from the modelling shoot were Naked Britain – another prime time SkyOne series that took a lighthearted look at British attitudes to nudity. Nothing to do with science, but a good opportunity to hone the old interviewing skills.

    [Coming soon: Dr Jack is now the resident neuroscientist on ITV1‘s flagship magazine show This Morning where he presents live monthly items for the brand new “Don’t Be A Slave To Your Brain” strand. Jack has also recently appeared in two Channel 4 documentaries presented respectively by Tom Dyckhoff (Secret Life of Buildings) and Tony Robinson (Superstition). THE TECH SHOW on Discovery Science is Jack’s first solo presenting gig to air across multiple continents; beaming out across Europe, Africa and the Middle East throughout 2011]

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