• My Illustrator Extraordinaire

    My brother – Dave Lewis – did all the illustrations for the second edition of Sort Your Brain Out. I love the movement, the humour and in particular how he has developed the brain dude character – originally invented by Charlie Johnson – into a brand new form. Here they are in all their glory…

    We see faces in the clouds thanks to a part of the brain called the fusiform face area
    Ageing gracefully – entirely possible when you know how.
    Regular exercising is extremely good for boosting mood, especially if you exercise in nature.
    Your brain really thrives when fed a diet rich in fruits and vegetables
    True innovation benefits from deep research, many discussions, mulling it over while on the move, jotting down key breakthroughs & creative napping to reach that final Eureka moment
    Scanning taxi drivers before and after “The Knowledge” proved we can all change our brains.
    We can rewire our brains according to what we do regularly, intensively, over many months
    Disco brain
    Dealing with a hangover is all about re-hydration
    Halt cognitive decline in its tracks with hobbies like dancing & playing a musical instrument
    Follow the guidance in Sort Your Brain Out 2 to find success in your own life
    Beware the power of sales environments to push your buy button!
    No (hu-) man is an island. Being sociable is vital for your physical and mental health.
    Making decisions is heavily reliant on the relative activation level in your reward pathway.
    The visual brain constantly processes the world around us to create a rough sketch of reality
    Creative napping – fishing for new ideas
    Multitasking: we can do it, but it always comes at a “switch” cost

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